We’re engaging on 10.14.14 will you?


what is it?

A day to share your faith.

A Call   To Action

Within the pages of Scripture and throughout the history of the world, God has been seeking people to engage Him, and then to engage the world with the gospel of Jesus.  Engage24 is a specific time set apart for engaging the world with the good news of Christ.  While Engage24 is intensely focused on a single day of evangelism (10.14.14), our mission is to promote a 24/7 lifestyle of evangelism and engagement with the gospel.

One Day One Mission

Engage24 is a 24 hour period when college students will make a coordinated effort to engage their campuses with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our desire is to see every believing college student share the Gospel with one person that day. Join in with thousands of other college students for one day as we share the Good News.

We are engaging on 10.14.14, will you?

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How it Began

LifeWay Article

*Article published in Collegiate magazine’s Fall 2013 issue, available at lifeway.com/collegiate.

Rob’s Story

a few helpful resources

Read. Interact. Engage.

It’s not always easy to know where to start with sharing your faith. These are a few resources to help prepare you for 10.14.14 as you reach people for Christ.
If you are ministry leader and are looking for a way to implement this in your ministry check out our
Engage24 2014 Planning Guide.

Engage 24 Files

Engage. A Guide

Engage is a practical study examining the act of sharing your faith put out by LifeWay. this small group study will help prepare and equip you to engage your community with the gospel.

Two Ways to Live

Two Ways to Live

Two Ways to Live: the choice we all face is a simple, clear, and challenging outline of the Christian gospel. An easygoing style, attractive layout and lack of jargon make this an effective evangelistic leaflet for a multitude of uses.

The Big Story

The Big Story

The Big Story, diagram is a visual way to present a more holistic picture of our faith’s central message & hopefully may inform the way we Christians think about the Gospel itself. Check out the video and further Big Story Training.

Your Grace Story

Grace Story Guide

Your grace story is how Jesus Christ came into your life. No one can refute that this happened to you and has proven to be a very effective way of sharing the Gospel.

Why Cards

Why cards are a resource from NAMB that students can use to share the Gospel. The website has videos that answer the question Why in a variety of topics.

Perspective Cards

Perspective Cards

Imagine a new evangelism tool: a deck of playing cards addressing the issue of worldview, turning this evangelism obstacle into an open door for the gospel. That is the beauty of Perspective.

I Am Second

I Am Second

I am Second is a movement meant to inspire people of all kinds to live for God and for others. The website has videos of celebrities who provide insight into dealing with typical struggles of everyday living.

The Story

The Story

The Story provides a beautiful, powerful, yet simple explanation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Christian worldview is clearly communicated and also provides an understanding of how to become a Christian. There is also an app available on iOs.



50 4×6 original photographic images and 5 simple questions that allow the user to engage in one-on-one spiritual conversations with non-believers. Questions explore students’ desires for their life and spiritual journey and provide many bridges to dialogue about Jesus.

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